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Rock and River Residential Trip



Our FIRST EVER Residential Trip was recently held at Rock and River Outdoor Activity Centre in Mawdesley.  Despite heavy rain on Friday afternoon, we managed to complete all out outdoor events on Saturday with lots of sunshine, over a fantastic day!!


After arriving at Rock and River and settling into our rooms we had a fantastic meal catered by the centre and took part in some drama games in the bunkhouse where we were staying.  Following this we all got PLENTY of sleep (ish) ready for our action packed Saturday.



We completed two activities on Saturday morning, the Rock climbing wall and the Swamp Stomp, where we had to balance on a rope over the terrifyingly green swamp.  See here some of our members taking part in these activities and waiting at the Rock climbing wall and encouraging all group members to climb up and down the wall safely 🙂




SAM_0358The Swamp Stomp was a balancing act with a twist – any fall meant you had a quick dip in the swamp shown in these photos!!


SAM_0320SAM_0415And just to be clear, some of the leaders also had a go at this activity but much to the young members disgust,none of us fell in either!!


After this we were treated to a welcome break (and a BBQ) before heading off to do some Raft building, which was definitely a popular activity with our members, below you can see some of the photos from this activity, and some of the mishaps that the rafts suffered before the end of the race (Are they supposed to stay in one piece??)



DSC_0309 DSC_0335 DSC_0382 DSC_0450 DSC_0473    SAM_0556


Everyone had a fantastic time at the event (and made it back home safely – even though they were rather wet!!).