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Have you ever been a server, or are interested in being one?

What is a server?

A server is someone who helps the Clergy at the altar during a service. Their jobs include carrying the cross during the procession into church, holding the Gospel during the reading, and assisting during communion. There are three main roles as a server:

  • Acolyte: carries the candles into church during the procession and during the gospel and receive the bread and wine during the offertory
  • Lavabo: carries the gospel into church and hold it during the gospel reading. They also help with the purification before communion.
  • Crucifer: carries the cross into church during the procession and receives the collection during the offertory.

Becoming a server

We are looking to expand the number of servers, and we’d love you to join us. Anyone who has been confirmed can become a server. Traditionally servers have been aged 11-17, but all ages are welcome. We are also looking to hold regular social events for servers to get together and have fun 🙂


For further information please contact or contact Barbara  via the Parish Office.