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St. Wilfrid’s C.of E. School

We are very lucky at St Wilfrid’s to have a large school with lots of opportunities and facilities for our children.


We have a large nursery department with facilities for indoor and outdoor play. A section of the outdoor area is under cover, offering our pupils the opportunity to use our outdoor activities and provision whatever the weather! Nursery have lots of activities for the children both educational and fun; we have computers, cameras, water play, soft bricks, digital headphones and much, much more. For outdoor play we have bikes and cars, a slide and climbing frame and our own little gardening area. We also have construction toys, and sand and water play within our outside area to support the children’s learning. Nursery also has it’s own kitchen for food preparation.

Key Stage 1

KS1 pupils share a large communal hall which is used for daily worship and lunchtimes as well as PE lessons, dancing and other group activities. The hall has its own large screen and sound system which is connected to the school server and allows the children to watch reflective pieces in worship time, use the internet, show examples of good work and other activities. KS2 children plan assemblies using Power Point and present them to the KS1 children. All the classrooms have access to computers and laptops plus a wide range of educational toys and games. Rainy day play equipment is available for the days when the weather is too bad for outside play and includes a wide range of games, jigsaws, colouring equipment and books. Reception children have their own covered play area with outdoor equipment which is used during the day as part of their learning. They also have access to an oven for baking activities and sand and water play in their own conservatory area. From Year 1 upwards the children visit the ICT Suite for a dedicated ICT lesson each week and from Year 2 the children begin to use the swimming pool. All children in Nursery Reception and KS1 children also regularly visit the garden in the KS2 building and attend worship in the shared KS2 hall.

Key Stage 2

KS2 pupils also have a shared hall with a large screen and sound system. This is used to enhance worship with music and film, support PE and dance lessons, show examples of good work and use the internet. Pupils in year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to lead and plan worship which are delivered to the rest of the school using the facilities of both halls. Music is taught in a dedicated music room which contains a wide variety of instruments. Each classroom has access to it’s own computers and laptops and each pupil visits the ICT suite for a dedicated ICT lesson each week. The children have access to digital cameras, flip videos, iPads and sound recorders which are used to enhance their learning and for special projects. The KS2 building has it’s own Dance Studio and dance is also taught in the larger hall. There is a garden which is maintained by the Gardening Club and used by the whole school for special topics including mini-beast studies and how plants grow. The garden also provides quiet places to sit and read in good weather. All KS2 pupils have access to a wide range of sports equipment and activities. The KS2 playgrounds both contain a football/basketball court and we have extensive playing fields which are used during the summer term for playtimes and field sports activities. All pupils in KS2 swim for two terms each year and year 6 take part in life saving activities.

We feel we offer a wide variety of facilities to enhance the experience of our pupils as they pass through the school. We actively use other facilities in the local area such as our Church, sports arenas, other schools and local colleges. Our children also get the opportunity to visit theatres, galleries, concert halls and a wide range of other experiences to enhance the curriculum.

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