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Christmas Day

Working together, St Wilfrid’s Church Standish and Wigan Family welfare with the sponsorship of Lantie Electrical Compliance hosted 40 people for Christmas lunch at St Wilfrid’s church hall.

This is the third year that this has taken place at St Wilfrid’s and this year included people currently living in refuges across Wigan, as well as those who would spend Christmas Day alone.

The initial idea was the brain child of Helena Burke and Pat Williscroft who met whilst colleagues at Wigan family Welfare.

The day is about friendship and fellowship, reaching out to those for whom Christmas might otherwise pass by .We provided  transport, company and a lovely lunch as well as a “Goodie Bag” with supper.

The day itself was made possible through a combination of volunteers who set the tables and prepared the vegetables, arranged transport, donated presents, drove minibuses, chatted, made drinks, cooked the turkey, mashed the potatoes and washed up.

Due to the generosity of Rose Bridge Academy and Fix It Wigan we were able to provide transport for all our guests through the use of their minibuses.

Volunteers from across the wider Wigan community as well as from within the congregation of St Wilfrid’s made this possible and it was the culmination of talents and time that made it possible.

The day was full of love and friendship and our guests left us having enjoyed a delicious meal, spent a day in company, won some bingo and raffle prizes and with a smile on their faces.

It was made possible by the people who gave up their time to make the magic of Christmas spread a little further this year.It is a true team effort and one that would not have been possible without the support of Canon Andrew Holliday and the whole wider church family of St Wilfrid’s Standish and Wigan Family welfare.