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Space Academy 2013

Space Academy Astronauts “Reach for the stars”

More than 50 children and young people shared in fun and fellowship in the summer holidays at our action-packed, fast-moving holiday club! The holiday club (based on Scripture Union’s Space Academy holiday club material), involved us all in voyaging into space, and included stories about Daniel from the Old Testament. As well as Bible stories it included, journeying to the stars, games, crafts, music, drama, puppets and puppet making, and much, much more, run a by a wonderful team of enthusiastic leaders! We learnt about how God was faithful to Daniel and his friends as they tried to live for Him in a foreign land, which was so different it was almost like living on another planet. A highlight of the week was the annual Family Night as the holiday club celebrated running for the past 10 years with games, a barbeque and a quiz!

Here are some of the children and young people’s comments:-

“This was my first year being a Young Helper after attending six other holiday clubs (my very first was in 2006). Everyday at Space Academy we had lots of activities which the children enjoyed. They had a lot of fun doing the crafts and playing the games. I helped with the Drama this year ‘The Final Frontier’ and it had a space theme too. After we performed the drama we got lots of cheers and whoops as well as clapping because they really enjoyed it. Some of us were nervous and a little shaky. For a change (from previous years) we did it without a script which was OK for some.” Rachel
Our Phaser Fitness and Fit for Space slots kept us on the go and were action packed and very popular “I liked the singing and dancing” said Grace. “My favourite thing about the holiday club was seeing my friends and also the singing and dancing” said Georgia and when it came to the Fit for Space games – Ben B said “I liked keeping the balls on the parachute.” And as for our Star Songs who will forget our theme song about “a journey through space and time.” Aliens were a popular theme in our Report to Starbase activities at our team tables and in Shuttlecraft, as you can see from the following comments “I enjoyed making the alien” said Conrad“, I liked making the aliens” said Vincent and Ellie said “I liked the alien craft”. For Ethan it was everything about the crafts “My favourite thing about the holiday club was definitely the crafts!” His brother Thomas was equally impressed “The craft activities were epic, I loved making my own planet and listening to the stories.” We didn’t only make aliens as you may have seen from our display in church. Ben said “I liked making the butterflies (snack packs)”. Our Café Cosmos was very popular “I liked the snack” said Owain, and linked the Fit for Space and Shuttlecraft activities – our Space rations giving us the sustenance to keep boldly going . . . . . . . and included making our own delicious edible stars. In the daily Final Frontier slot we saw a drama unfold, set on Starship St Wilfrid’s about how the crew try to survive with Mission Command to support them when the going gets tough. “I liked the drama” said Olivia. Emma enjoyed the drama and had this to say “I enjoyed the drama the most because it was exciting, funny and different. I also enjoyed the games and craft. This is my 6th holiday club and it is most definitely my favourite.” When we visited the Space Capsule Max said “My favourite part was the puppets.” Matthew’s “favourite part was writing jokes and putting them in the rocket.” Jessica simply “loved watching the puppet show,” Ethan was a fan of the crafts and said “I enjoyed making my own space flag the most and when I heard the puppets telling me jokes it was amazing.” For Lily it was all about “Having fun.” And similarly for Megan who “enjoyed meeting new people and having lots and lots of fun.” “I enjoyed playing the games. I learnt about Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar.” said Finlay
“I have learnt about the story of Daniel” said both Sophie and Ben. Ruby sums it up for her by saying “I enjoyed everything at the holiday club and my favourite had to be the crafts and seeing my friends”
A huge thank you to all those people who helped and supported us in any way both before, and during our exciting week helping make it such a success, including those of you who prayed for us, brought in materials for crafts or simply wished us well.

If you attended the holiday club as a trainee astronaut watch out for something dropping through your door in the next week or two, giving you your password and how to view photographs of the Space Academy Holiday Club 2013 and Family Night and details about next year!