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Good Friday Children’s Worship Success

On Good Friday the Children’s worship event was a huge success, jam packed with crafts, activities, and songs; which was enjoyed by all the young people that took part (as well as the leaders!!) Here is what we got up to on the day.


Curate Tim opened the event with some lessons about the Easter Story, and a few songs! Also we were able to be creative and get to work on some colourful banners for Church.

 P1030070 P1030080 P1030079

After this it was time for a well deserved lunch break, before we got started on the rest of the activities

P1030087 P1030086


P1030111The rest of the day, consisted of four activities that the groups went to in turn, the children had to follow their groups banners around throughout the day, allowing everyone to have a go at all the activities that were going on.  As part of these, everyone was able to make a bookmark, a door hanger, create a musical instrument and have a go at making (and eating) some hot cross buns!!

P1030097 P1030157 P1030156 P1030148

P1030134 P1030121 P1030118 P1030107 P1030098

To finish off the day, we sang a few songs accompanied by our brand new musical instruments!! If you would like to see more of what went on at the event you can see the display in Church for more examples of our work!!

P1030166 P1030177 P1030175 P1030173 P1030172