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Sunday School

St. Wilfrid’s Church runs two Sunday Schools, Junior Sunday School and Infant Sunday School.

Junior Sunday School

The aim of the Junior Sunday School is to teach the children an understanding of the Christian faith which will be a basis on which they can build for the rest of their lives. We do this in a fun and entertaining way by illustrating the theme of the day with stories, craft and art work so that there is something to take home as a reminder of the day’s teaching.

Junior Sunday School runs in the Parish Hall, at the same time as the 10 am Family Communion service, and the children join this service part-way through as an introduction to family worship.

All children are welcome from 7 years with no upper age limit.

Junior Sunday School can form an integral part of confirmation training and attendance counts as the weekly worship that all confirmation candidates are expected to follow.

As many of our children are involved in the uniformed organisations we do not hold a Sunday School on Parade Sunday.

Sunday School starts on 3rd Sunday in September and ends on the last Sunday of June with Walking Day.  The Sunday before Walking Day the children are awarded prizes for attendance for the past year.

On the first Sunday in December we have fun at our Christmas Party, and on Christmas Eve, at 2.30 pm, we celebrate Christmas by taking part in our Nativity Play at the Smartie Service with the Infant Sunday School.

On the last Sunday in June we join with St Marie’s and the Methodist Church for our annual Walking Day.

You are most welcome to come along and take part in one of our sessions and see if you enjoy it.

Infant Sunday School

Come and join our Sunday School. Everyone Welcome!

We meet every Sunday during term time at 10:00am in the Church Vestry. Our age group is from 3-7 years and after this the children progress to the Junior Sunday School.

We have lots of fun learning about the bible through stories, songs, art and craft.

On Christmas Eve we take part in the Nativity play at the Crib (Smartie) service, and on the last Sunday in June we join with the other churches in Standish for our annual Walking Day.

We aim to provide an atmosphere where children feel comfortable, welcome, and have fun while they learn.

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